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Clean Neighborhood


We have local knowledge, skills, and expertise to guide you through what can be a stressful process.  Whether you are seasoned or inexperienced, selling or buying, we will be with you every step of the way to guide negotiations and analyze the market.

Keeping accounts


We help families find solutions during a difficult time. Probate is a complex  legal process, so we work hand-in-hand with attorneys in the sale of probate properties. We also handle details like trash hauling, estate sales, repairs, and much more.


When our clients are done being landlords, have inherited a house they don't want, or have a property that needs more fixing than they care to do, we will assess, based on the market and renovations needed, what we can offer as a cash price for a quick sale.



We have several solutions to assist clients in avoiding foreclosure, including a program that rebuilds credit. Listing a property or a quick cash offer can be good options, but for clients who don't want to sell, sometimes we are able to stop foreclosure altogether.

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